Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning is an essential part of Housekeeping activities. Other than daily normal cleaning periodic extensive cleaning activity is called Deep Cleaning. in deep cleaning process specialized cleaning tools, chemicals and machineries are used.

  1. Commercial Floor Scrubbing:

In commercial places floor scrubbing is a common deep cleaning activity. A single disc scrubbing machine is used during this process. A high rpm round brush is fixed in a single disc scrubbing machine and cleaning chemical and water mixture comes to that bush. When the disc start rotating it scrubs the floor along with the chemical water and cleans the floor. Once the floor scrubbing done, dirt water is vacuumed with a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

2. Residential Deep Cleaning:

In residential deep cleaning the floor scrubbing is done with a dingle disc scrubbing machine or manually with hand and scrubbing tools. In a residence the scope of deep cleaning is vast. Other than floor scrubbing Toilet Deep Cleaning, Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Window Deep Cleaning, Furniture Deep Cleaning.