Home Decoration Services

When we build our home we mostly rely on our mason or local Marble / Tiles Shops or local painters to choose our floor type, design or color. As a result, after spending a lot of money we end up choosing substandard home decoration.
‘TEAMGENIX Home Solutions’ helps you to choose quality marble/tiles/carpet/wooden floor/vinyl floor with best price in the city and within your budget.
‘TEAMGENIX Home Solutions’ helps you to paint your inside and outside building surface and choosing wallpaper choosing.
‘TEAMGENIX Home Solutions’ takes care of your interior decoration as well with top quality products and within your budget.
‘TEAMGENIX Home Solutions’ will provide you free consultation through consultants having more than 15 years of experience in the field of home decoration.
Our motto is to help our clients to build a top quality home decoration within the budget.
We do both individual and commercial projects.
Contact us with your queries and we will help you to build your dream home!